DNA • AUDIO takes care of the distribution of the hi-fi and high-end audio equipment. It is the exclusive distributor for Poland of the following brands: Davis Acoustics, FLUX HiFi, Lyngdorf Audio, New Horizon Audio, Pier Audio, Revival Audio, and TCI Cables. DNA • AUDIO is also the owner of the Ministry of Sound salons, music publisher, and the initiator of the Good Sound Armchair project.

This is who we are and these are our goals:

DNA • AUDIO is a brand whose paramount goal is to deliver to your household the devices and components of the top-tier Hi-Fi created in order to make the dreams of wonderful, vivid, lively, and tangible music come true.

The good music which is replicated by our audio equipment is a part of our DNA strand, i.e. the DNA of people who run our company with and out of passion and love for music. It is the said dedication and affection towards the good sound quality imbued in the DNA genetic codes of our team of music aficionados that are the driving force behind our service. Those qualities also make us the most suitable persons to help you fulfil your dreams of wonderful, crystal-clear music.

Being a team of devoted music lovers, we propagate such values as, first and foremost, an individual approach towards every single customer, honesty, sincerity, and the personal optimisation of our offer depending on the specific factors. What is of no less importance is the fact that our mission is to “infect, “ in the most positive meaning of this word, people with the passion for good-quality music. That is why we select for our distribution only reputable brands which meet this important criterion.

We do realize that in order to fully understand the wide scope of the so-called “audio” topic, expert, interdisciplinary knowledge in this regard is required. Not only is the excellent understanding of the fields of electronic equipment, musicology, the practical use of ready-made selection templates, and sales techniques necessary to provide the best customer service. What is equally crucial is the passion for music, because it is the main driving force motivating us to achieve the best sound possible and also to gain invaluable experience which every member of our team has perfected for many years.

That is precisely why our mission is to furnish the households of our customers with the audio equipment most suitable not only for the personal needs and preferences, but also for the housing conditions. We approach all of our clients with passion, understanding, willingness to present the advantages of the tube-based, hybrid, transistorized, and digital techniques or the finer points of attaining the best sound quality possible. We would like our customers to choose which technology is the most suitable for them and we would like the clients to be fully convinced that they have just made their dream of immaculate sound come true.

First of all, we approach every single client with the open arms and open minds, i.e. minds opened to good sound which is deeply rooted in our DNA, because it is exactly the good sound our customers come to us for.

To all members of our team, our job is more than just a trade, it is a pure passion. Passion, on the other hand, calls for the whole-hearted effort the fact of which we are well aware of. Following the wise words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

"Tread only there where singing can be heard. Singing is, after all, the merit of good-hearted people. The bad ones, heed my words, sing do not!!!"
The English language interpretation from 19th century Polish language.

The beautiful and true words of this outstanding and prolific poet of the turn of the XVIII and the XIX centuries explicitly reflect the mission of DNA • AUDIO. We are a company of passionate people and our goal is to share the beauty of music with anyone whose heart and soul is filled with cheerful tunes so that the said tunes could also sound and settle in their household for good.

That is exactly why apart from the distribution of such interesting audio equipment brands like: Lyngdorf Audio, Davis Acoustics, Pier Audio, New Horizon Audio, TCI Cables, Revival Audio or FLUX HiFi, we also co-operate with artists and realise an intriguing musical project called “The Good Sound Armchair” which hosts interesting and famous musicians. Moreover, we also release and co-create music albums both on CD and Vinyl, we organise and manage numerous music-related events. Last but not least, we support children’s clubs and we participate in many charity actions. Currently, “The Ministry of Sound,” our shop, is located in two cities, i.e. in Warsaw and in Radom. Our employees have vast knowledge on the topics related to audio, but, even more importantly, they are passionate about music and the HiFi equipment. Throughout the last years, we have managed to create a resilient dealer system comprising almost 40 audio shops from various parts of Poland.

A brief historical overview

DNA • AUDIO (DNA AUDIO Ltd.) is the legal and physical successor of Trimex Poland Ltd. Moreover, the history of our company is closely linked to the company Trimex general partnership whose tradition and experience dates back to the year 1990. Over 32 years of experience make our company one of the most reputable long-time firms of this kind of profile across the whole country. In the past, we took care of the distribution of such brands as: Cyrus Audio, DALI Loudspeakers, Danish Physics, Exposure Electronics, JM Lab Focal, NAD Electronics, Opera Loudspeakers, PSB Speakers, Rega, TacT Audio, Unison Research and many more for the Polish market.

Throughout all those years, we have managed to equip myriads of satisfied customers with the personalized audio equipment capable of playing the music they love in the quality they deserve. We have also successfully trained numerous audio industry employees and we have established wonderful relations, not solely the business ones, but the friendly ones too. The best testimony of the strength of those relations is the fact that they have been cherished up to this day.


Currently, we are the sole distributor of the following seven remarkable brands from the audio world for Poland:

Lyngdorf Audio is a Danish brand famous for its pioneering solutions in creating digital amplifiers, CD players, professional home cinema sets, and home screening rooms whose quality of immaculate and accurate music playing is supported by the system of room correction named “RoomPerfect.” The brand features in its offer bass-reflex, wall-mounted speakers, speakers with the installation option, and subwoofers. The vast and variegated choice is directed to people looking for extraordinary solutions or persons who look for the natural sound devoid of toning or artificial distortions, but also to those who dream of having a home audio set; however, their room acoustics does not let them enjoy the music stemming from home audio equipment. Thanks to the miracle of the “RoomPerfect” correction system, you can level all those imperfections which you have found distracting or disturbing in the acoustic reception of the music without the need to re-arrange the listening room.

Pier Audio is a French brand which manufactures tube amplifiers and hybrid, i.e. tube-transistor, ones, tube-based CD players as well as gramophone preamplifiers, and bass-reflex loudspeakers. The constructors of the Pier Audio company paid attention first and foremost to the immaculate sound quality of their devices whilst having in mind the reasonable price range of the equipment. Thanks to that, the beauty of the music issued from the vacuum tubes can reach numerous music lovers who appreciate the flow of the music full of heart and soul. The said experience can be made possible only by tube amplifiers. The offer of Pier Audio also features integrated amplifiers, line preamplifiers, and Single Ended as well as Push-Pull power amplifiers.

New Horizon Audio is an Italian brand which manufactures gramophones whose offer is so rich that every single person will find the most suitable device for them in terms of the sound, its appearance, or the price range, depending on the individual needs of the customer. The gramophones of New Horizon Audio are manufactures by the enthusiasts of the analogue sound who make their devices with passion and exceptional attention to details. In the models belonging to the higher series in particular will you find pure conceptual genius, masterful craftsmanship, and the innate beauty of the Italian design as well as the uncompromising quality of its fabrication. This brand also manufactures its own gramophone accessories and its own tone arms.

Revival Audio is a French brand founded by the former constructors of the FOCAL and DYNAUDIO brands who produced their own line of bass-reflex loudspeakers based on the completely pioneering structures and components of the transducers manufactured on the basis of basalt, a volcanic rock. These loudspeakers are marked by the unprecedented natural sound of the transfer, coherence, musicality, and particularly interesting colouring in terms of creating the instrumental and vocal virtual sources. In other words, there are exactly the loudspeakers thanks to which you may immerse yourself immediately in music and all the things that happen on the music scene. The Revival Audio loudspeakers premiered at the Audio-Video Show in Warsaw in the year 2022 and they instantly became the favourite of countless customers. Rarely on the audio market can you currently find constructions which let you enjoy the music right off the bat and which can reflect the whole variety of emotions accompanying music. What is more, the Atalante 5 model features a 30 cm bass loudspeaker which is a rarity on the current audio products market as such. Thanks to its outstanding construction, Atalane 5 can successfully meet the need of participating in live concerts. In the foreseeable future, the company will further expands its offer by also adding other series of bass-reflex loudspeakers.

Davis Acoustics is a French brand which manufactures bass-reflex loudspeakers basing on the transducers of their own production. This company has been developing its technology of creating loudspeaker transducers based on kevlar. You can find in the offer of this company loudspeakers for both stereo systems as well as the home cinema sets ranging from the so-called “entry-level” to the ones belonging to the “Hi-End” category. The loudspeakers manufactured by Davis Acoustics reflect all the best virtues of the French audio industry, i.e. the tone quality, speed, vigour, precision, meticulousness, and the potential for the faithful reproduction of the “plankton,” namely, all the minute details, of the musical information included in the recordings. The loudspeakers of this company are well made and their design is a perfect match for the modern home arrangement both in the case of smaller flats and bigger houses. What is more, Davis Acoustics also manufactures the whole array of built-in speakers for a ceiling/wall so that the customers could mount them in the most desired part of their home.

TCI Cables (True Colours Industries) is a British brand which offers a wide choice of signal and power supply cables.  The offer of the company includes: interconnects, stereo speaker cables, BiWire speaker cables, HDMI cables, optical and coaxial cables, power leads and strips, and also audio pins for DIY endings for coax cables. The cables manufactured by this company are made of regular and silver-plated oxygen-free copper, the latter one being a conductor of significantly higher precision. TCI Cables offers cables with the factory assembly as well as the made-to-measure cables from a reel.

FLUX HiFi is a German brand which was created out of the passion and love of its founders for the “pure” analogue sound. It is exactly the lack of any distortions or audio noises whilst playing a vinyl disc that constituted the main driving force for the FLUX HiFi engineers to create the whole array of products which would ensure the purest and most faithful reproduction of the analogue sound ever possible. The offer of this company includes, amongst many other products, a sonic brush for cleaning gramophone needles, a vacuum cleaner for removing stubborn dirt from vinyl discs, high-quality sleeves and envelopes perfect for securing vinyl discs, and also numerous other accessories which are indispensable in listening to “black” discs without a significant loss in the musicality level and the pureness of their reception.

For further information about our brands, please click on the “Offer” tab.

The Good Sound Armchair by DNA • AUDIO

The Good Sound Armchair is our own, original initiative, our pet project and a fruit of passion stemming from our love for music, but also created out of our utmost respect for the artists whose talent, hard work, and creativity make the whole publishing and audio-video market possible. The Good Sound Armchair is a sort of homage we would like to pay to those musicians who have devoted their lives to providing us, i.e. the recipients, with musical and emotional experience. The scope of this project encompasses familiarising the music fans with the profiles of various artists. Thanks to the above, not only do we have a chance to get to know the musician better, but also to understand the hardships they had to weather in order to fully shape their instrumental and vocal specialisation.

The Good Sound Armchair is a series of interviews with extraordinary artists conducted at our stationary shop located in Warsaw called “The Ministry of Sound.” The meetings are recorded and the audiovisual materials are subsequently enriched with fragments and samples of the artists’ work. It indeed does sound great. All the recordings are then published on our DNA • AUDIO YouTube channel. We are glad that our pet project is gaining more and more popularity.

DNA • AUDIO as a Publishing Company

Our publishing activities are, apart from the distribution and serving the customers who look for the good sound, one of our most interesting scope of current projects. Having vast experience in terms of co-operating with artists in numerous fields, we also decided to finance, and consequently publish, the albums of several marvellous musicians whose career paths had coincided with ours. Within the framework of our collaboration, we chose to lay emphasis on the beauty of the arrangements of the recordings, the power and the expression of the message involved therein, but, first and foremost, on the purity and the immaculate quality of the sound. We wanted to support those artists whose music can move the listener deeply and thanks to our contribution, the quality of music could be the reference material to be played even on the most expensive HiFi audio systems not included in our offer without any feeling of shame.

These are the humble beginnings of the reactivation of the “Rezerwat” band recognised by, most likely, the majority of Polish people. The once widely popular band decided to come back to the music business after almost 40 years of a break from the industry. We have released their CD album and a very limited printing of the vinyl discs.

Moreover, we have also published two albums of a wonderful Polish violinist Ilona Perz-Golki who uses the stage name “YLO Violin.” In her work, she blends together in the perfect fusion such music genres as classical, electronic verging on the new-age style, and also progressive jazz. The music stemming from her electric violin is energetic, filled to the proverbial brim with emotions, and recurring “plot twists” when it comes to the micro- and macrodynamic. So far, we have released two albums of YLO Violin: the first one entitled “Timeless” and the second one featuring Christmas music.

We are exceptionally proud of having released the album of Grzech Piotrowski entitled “The Best Of.” Grzech Piotrowski is an extremely gifted saxophonist, keyboardist, and a composer who has created and recorded his music with numerous musicians all over the world. The album we have published is a sort of the culmination of his exceptionally prolific and ethnically colourful work. What is equally important is the fact that all of his compositions are finalised in the perfect quality which will satisfy even the most demanding music lovers. The disc comprises the studio materials whose recording frequency was 192 kHz/ 24 bit. Thanks to the compositions featured in the album, we have a unique opportunity to embark on a musical journey into the farthest instrumental parts of the globe, starting from Warsaw, continuing to Capo Verde, and then even farther. We would like to encourage you to listen to the music created by a man who, without a shadow of a doubt, deserves the title of “The Alchemist of Polish Jazz.”

We are more than open to the mutual co-operation with Architects, Installers, Designers, and other Audio Shops as well!

We would like to ask audio, audio-video, and consumer electronics shops, installers, interior designers, and architects to join is in the potential mutual co-operation. Our offer not only includes all the things necessary to furnish modern flats and houses, but also screening and conference rooms. Thanks to the advanced, innovative, and also designer technical and technological solutions, you may find amongst our products: devices which are almost “invisible” and convenient in terms of the occupied space, the ones which are visible, yet, sufficiently discrete, and audio sets whose extraordinary design will enrich the interior design of modern places. Please, have a look at our “Inspiration Gallery”:

We ensure that our permanent business partners may count on the long-term service, technical support in terms of B2B and B2C, and also on favourable conditions of receiving discounts and when it comes to sales.

We would like to ask Producers and Constructors to co-operate with us!

We would be more than glad to co-operate with the producers and constructors of the audio equipment willing to enter the Polish market. Throughout over 32 years of our business activity, we have successfully introduced numerous then unknown brands which we have promoted on Internet portals, in print and Internet media, on fanpages, and also at various events, including audio equipment exhibitions, such as, e.g. Audio Video Show. We have participated in this show, i.e. the biggest event of this kind in whole Poland, continuously since its first edition, that is, since the year 1997.

The brands which are distributed by us can rest assured that not only will they be provided with the whole array of marketing and promotional solutions, but, first and foremost, they will have access to our dealer system encompassing almost 40 shops located all around Poland. Apart from the said dealer system, we also have two brick and mortar shops in Warsaw and in Radom (“The Ministry of Sound”). We are ready to put on the market next interesting and good-sounding audio brands.